Sunday, April 10, 2011

#14 A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris

A Touch of Dead contains 5 Sookie Stackhouse short stories and is another fun and quick read.  I love the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries and while I await the next one I thought that I should catch up a bit.  For those that don't know about the series, Sookie Stackhouse is a telepath waitress living in northern Louisiana who gets involved in all kinds of supernatural mischief, usually involving vampires or weres.  These stories are set in between the other books, but it is best to read them after finishing at least book 9.  

In "Fairy Dust" Sookie is visited by her fairy friend Claudine, whose sister Claudette has just been murdered.  Claudine and her brother Claude ask Sookie to help them solve her murder.  In "Dracula Night" Sookie is invited by Eric to Fangtasia for a party in honor of Dracula's birthday, whom Eric is convinced will make an appearance.  In "One Word Answer"  Sookie is informed of her cousin Hadley's death and must fulfill her duties as executor of Hadley's estate.  In "Lucky" Sookie and Amelia are visited by a local insurance agent who is worried that someone is trying to sabotage his business.  Together they try to solve the mystery will Sookie's telepathy and Amelia's witchcraft.  The final story, "Gift Wrap"  is takes place on Christmas Eve, with Sookie all by herself.  She finds a wounded werewolf on her property, helps him recover, and tries to keep him safe.

I enjoyed each story but I was appalled that Eric was only featured in one.  It was nice to get more information about Claudine and Claude, as well as Hadley's murder.  My favorite story out of this set was "Gift Wrap" because it just sums up Sookie so well.  I definitely recommend this to anyone that already enjoys these mysteries because it is a nice addition to the books.

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