Saturday, April 2, 2011

#11 The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

The Red Pyramid is another of Rick Riordan's young adult adventure stories, much like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but with ancient Egyptian lore instead of Greek.  I enjoyed the book and plowed through it pretty quick, although I didn't think it wasn't as much fun as Percy Jackson.  But this is probably just because I enjoy Greek mythology more.  

The book is narrated by Carter and Sadie Kane, siblings that have been kept almost completely separated since the death of their mother six years earlier.  Carter travels around the world with his famous Egyptologist dad, Julius, while Sadie lives in England with her mother's parents after a nasty custody dispute.  While visiting Sadie on Christmas day, Julius brings the kids to the British Museum and proceeds to blow up the Rosetta Stone.  The explosion releases five Egyptian gods, one of whom, Set, is intent on destroying the world.  Their father is imprisoned by Set, so Carter and Sadie are whisked off by their uncle Amos and learn that not only are the ancient gods real, but that their family is from a long line of magicians that are supposed to keep the gods in check.  The siblings are thrust into the magical world and must use their newfound powers to stop Set and save the world.

Admittedly this book is set up almost identical to Percy Jackson, but I don't mind a repetitive formula if it's entertaining.  Roirdan again packs the story full of ancient mythology, so much so that I miss references until I reread the old stories.  He also alludes to Percy Jackson a bit-- they can't go to Manhattan because of other forces.  He definitely keeps things interesting and fun, so my only real problem was Sadie.  She annoyed me, but then I was always annoyed by 12 year old girls, even when I was one.  Anyways, if you enjoyed Percy Jackson or are just looking for an interesting and quick read, this book is worth checking out.

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