Sunday, November 20, 2011

Book 35: King Rat by China Mieville

A friend of mine highly recommended this author to me.  She said that he has become one of her favorites due to his excellent writing and interesting story lines.  So I decided to pick up his debut novel, which was definitely well written and interesting, but I’m not completely sold on him yet.  I’m going to check out more of his work and hopefully it will be more up my alley. 

Saul is in his mid twenties and just kind of getting through life, not really enjoying it.  His mother died giving birth to him and he has always had a strained relationship with his dad.  The two fight often, so when his father is thrown out of the window of their home it is not surprising that Saul becomes the lead suspect.  Saul barely has time to process what happened before he is whisked away by a man called King Rat who claims to be his uncle.  King Rat takes Saul to the underground, vermin side of London and informs him that he has never fit in because he is in fact half rat.  Saul quickly learns more about his heritage and supernatural abilities. 

Soon enough though, Saul is forced into a battle with a mysterious man that can control any creature with his music.  King Rat, along with the kings of spiders and birds, convince Saul to help them fight the Piper, hoping that Saul’s dual nature will make him impervious to the music.  At the same time, Saul has to protect his human friends and stay away from the police that want him for his father’s murder. 

The book was interesting; I was never bored.  But I didn’t love it.  It could just be the idea that living in the sewers was too gross for me, or that I got a Neverwhere vibe without the fun of Gaiman’s writing.  Still, the author has a really interesting take on the world and is an excellent writer.  I will be looking out for more of his books that I will hopefully enjoy more than this one.

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