Saturday, December 31, 2011

Book 48: Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

This is probably the most famous of the Poirot mysteries and deservedly so.  Poirot is on the Orient Express returning from Syria after solving an important case, when a suspicious man, Ratchett, asks for his help.  Ratchett has been receiving threatening letters, but Poirot refuses to take the case because he doesn’t trust him.  The next morning though, Ratchett is found murdered in his cabin and as they are stuck on the tracks due to snow, it must be one of the other passengers who committed the crime.  Poirot is tasked to find the killer before they reach the next station, to avoid political difficulties. 

Again, I already knew the end for this one, but it was still fun to read.  Poirot is not hampered this time by the idiot Hastings, which makes the book more enjoyable for me.  This is well worth a read if you enjoy mysteries and really, why wouldn’t you?

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