Saturday, December 31, 2011

Book 51: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding

As I said before I was a big fan of Bridget Jones I high school, so naturally I own the sequel as well.  I never enjoyed it as much as the first book but since I bought it I was determined to keep it, I don’t like to waste money.  Now that I have a severe lack of shelf space, this book no longer makes the cut.

The story starts off at the end of January with Bridget obsessively staring at Mark Darcy in bed.  The two have been together for a month at this point and all is going well.  Soon though Bridget is feeling nervous about her happiness and guilty for abandoning single life.  She neurotically finds ways to destroy her relationship with Mark, aided by her jealous friends, and is single before March.  The rest of the novel involves repeats of the first book: attempts to quit smoking and drinking, trouble at work, problems with family and friends. 

The repetition doesn’t bother me too much; my problem is that Fielding made Bridget completely stupid, as opposed to flighty.  Bridget constantly screws up and acts like a total idiot and takes advice from total idiots.  There were so many frustrating parts to this story that it ruined any intended humor.  So I don’t feel bad anymore about chucking it in favor of more deserving books.

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