Saturday, December 31, 2011

Book 49: The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie

Another Poirot mystery, narrated by Captain Hastings, that tells the story of the ABC Murderer.  This particular killer chooses victims alphabetically based on location and name, using the ABC railway guides.  Poirot is called out of retirement yet again when he receives taunting messages from the killer announcing his intentions.  Together with the haughty Inspector Crome, his old friends Hastings and Japp, and a group of the victims’ family and friends, Poirot sets about finding the murderer before he gets further along the alphabet. 

Pretty interesting overall, I didn’t figure out everything beforehand, so that was more fun.  Poirot is always entertaining and the book provides a nice short diversion from my rather boring life.  It’s a nice addition to the mystery kick that I’ve been on.  

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