Sunday, June 24, 2012

Book 13: Princess in Love by Meg Cabot

Well, Mia has a boyfriend now.  And she realizes that she should be excited but she’s not.  It’s not that she hates Kenny, but she doesn’t feel anything beyond friendship for him and dreads those moments when she is expected to kiss him.  But in an effort to be nice (and because she can’t have the guy she really wants) Mia stays in an unhappy relationship.

But what hurts worse is that Michael is apparently now deeply involved with the fruit fly-cloning senior Judith Gershner.  How could Mia ever compete with someone as smart and advanced as Judith?  Her friends and family all tell her to be honest with Kenny and Michael, but that is far too sensible a suggestion for someone like Mia.  Plus she really wants to go to the Nondenominational Winter Dance and if she breaks things off with Kenny and Michael rejects her, then she won’t have a date.  A little selfish but she is fourteen after all. 

More important than this though is her upcoming debut to the Genovian people.  Grandmere has been preparing her for months but Mia is still terrified that she will screw up somehow.  But it is more possible that her mom and Mr. Gianni will mess up her carefully laid out feeding and cleaning schedule for her beloved cat Fat Louie. 

This book is much like the others: fun, short, and full of teenage drama.  I know that I probably should have grown past books like these, but I’m not sure that I will.  For some reason the predictability of these books doesn’t get to me at all.

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