Sunday, June 24, 2012

Book 14: Princess in Waiting by Meg Cabot

While she may not have achieved self-actualization yet, Mia feels that she is well on her way to lifetime happiness because she has finally started dating Michael.  Unfortunately, she had to leave for Genovia right when they declared their love for each other.  So the first part of the book consists of Mia’s royal duties and her longing for Michael, who she has a hard time catching on the phone. 

Her unrelenting obsession with ‘that boy’ prompts Grandmere to give Mia a copy of Jane Eyre.  She hopes that Mia will learn that playing hard to get is the best course of action where men are concerned.  Of course when Mia and Tina try to model themselves after Jane, things start to unravel in their relationships.  Go figure.

When Mia is finally able to leave Genovia she leaves quite the impression, and disturbs a good percentage of the government with her radical parking meter idea.  So it is decided that she needs more princess lessons with Grandmere, much to Mia’s displeasure.  She also has another semester of Algebra to look forward to and a wealth of social obligations that don’t sound nearly as promising as a night watching Star Wars with Michael. 

This volume is much like the others, I always get a little frustrated with Mia, but I enjoy her and the other characters nonetheless.  Probably my favorite side note for this book is the introduction of the movies into the story.  They mock certain parts of it, like the dad being dead and the grandmother being nice.  It’s short but it makes me giggle.  

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