Sunday, June 24, 2012

Book 25: The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan

This is the final book in the Kane Chronicles and as ambivalent as I have been about the series I think I’m a little disappointed that there are not going to be more installments.  Sadie is still annoying but I do enjoy the Egyptian mythology and hope that he uses the same idea with another set of characters.  The ending is pretty open so I wouldn’t be surprised if Riordan chooses to do just that.

Just eight months after discovering that they are the latest in a long line of magicians, Carter and Sadie Kane are about to fight chaos itself.  Apophis is set to rise on the Autumnal Equinox, which is in just three days.  The magicians are divided: some believe that the Kanes are destroying Ma’at and are trying to undermine Amos’s leadership and those that do stand with the Kanes are being destroyed by Apophis’s minions. 

Carter and Sadie are having trouble with their allies as well.  Walt is close to death and they are no closer to a cure for his hereditary disease, which is made worse each time he uses magic.  Zia is also acting strangely and has been unable to control her fire magic.  Add to that the usual problems that arise when dealing with the gods and the inexperience of their remaining recruits and it seems unlikely that the end of the world can be prevented. 

As I said, Sadie is still annoying.  I will never understand why Riordan had to make her so grating, but I liked the book despite her.  The series is wrapped up well but still open to the possibility of another series.  All of the threads come together as they should, if a little predictably.  Overall a good, but not great book and I remain curious to see if Riordan decides to create another Egyptian mythology series.  

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