Sunday, June 24, 2012

Book 16: Princess in Training by Meg Cabot

After spending two months in Genovia, Mia is back in New York and ready to start her sophomore year of high school.  She has been busy spoiling her little brother, Rocky, and worrying that her mom and Mr. Gianni aren’t paying enough attention to him.  She also misses going to school with Michael, who has started at Columbia, and worries that they will not be able to spend enough time together. 

This fear is put on the backburner though when Lana approaches Mia during school and talks to her about the expectations of college boys.  Now Mia is terrified that Michael will want to have sex right away, but in true Mia form, she is too embarrassed to talk to him about it.  This fear even overshadows her troubles with Lily, who nominated Mia for class president against her will.  Lily insists that Mia will not have to do anything, but Mia is justifiably skeptical.  

This is another fun if somewhat frustrating volume of the series, but that is just because she wasn’t being honest enough with Michael.  But if she weren’t I guess there wouldn’t be enough drama, or something.  It wasn’t until this book that I realized the extent of her addiction to her journal.  When she is at the class president debate, she is still writing and they have to force her to stop.  It seems like a little thing but it really does put a different image of her in my head—one that is even more neurotic than I thought.

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