Sunday, June 24, 2012

Book 26: Bossypants by Tina Fey

Another book that has been reviewed numerous times for cannonball; I’m not sure what else I can add to the discussion.  I love Tina Fey and her book was a breezy and funny read.

Bossypants consists of stories from Tina chronicling her life from childhood through 30 Rock and playing Sarah Palin on SNL.  While an undoubtedly awkward person, Fey doesn’t ever seem to wallow in misery and stays true to her weird and hilarious personality.  The most memorable part for me has to be the moment that she realized that homosexuals are real people and not her props.  It makes me wonder how many people have to grasp that little bit of reality. 

I was afraid that the book would be a little too personal but thankfully it wasn’t and it gave some interesting insights on what it is like to be a woman in comedy.  I have heard that crap about women not being funny all my life but in my head it was just curmudgeonly old men who were angry at their increasing irrelevance.  But Fey being told that there could only be so many women in a sketch put a whole new perspective for me on the industry. 

Anyways, this book was hilarious and I am glad that I avoided reviews for it beforehand so that I didn’t have unrealistic expectations.  While not my favorite autobiography, I will certainly be reading this again and am looking forward to the last season of 30 Rock.  Hopefully she will get a new project soon after that wraps.

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