Monday, December 31, 2012

Book 32: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K Rowling

The fifth book picks up a couple months after the last one, with Harry stuck with his family, becoming more miserable and resentful by the day.  When dementors attack him and his cousin Dudley, Harry is forced to use magic to save them both and is almost expelled from Hogwarts in the process.  When he finally gets to see his friends again, Harry finds that Dumbledore and others have recreated the Order of the Phoenix to fight against a newly resurrected Voldemort. 

The fact that his friends were sworn to secrecy regarding their summer’s activities does not prevent Harry from unleashing his anger at them.  Throughout the book, Harry becomes increasingly hostile and open to Voldemort’s mind.  This only increases when Delores Umbridge is sent by the Ministry of Magic to deal with Harry and Dumbledore, who are regarded as enemies of the peace because they insist that Voldemort has returned when the rest of the wizarding world doesn’t want it to be true.

I have a problem with this book.  While I can see the point in some aspects of it, I really hated the major plot point of this novel.  It all was pretty pointless and just set up another characters death.  It was also overly long, with a lot that could have been edited out, Rowling has even admitted that herself.  The only part that I really enjoy in this book is the visit with Lockhart and Neville’s increase presence in the story.  He is the best after all.

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