Monday, December 31, 2012

Book 49: The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling

I have avoided a lot of reviews for this book specifically to keep from building up any unrealistic expectations.  All I knew was to expect a more adult book and definitely no magic or unicorns.  Since I happen to enjoy stories about small village life, I figured that I wouldn’t hate it, and I didn’t.

Centered in the small town of Pagford, the novel begins with the sudden death of beloved (by most) local councilor, Barry Fairbrother.  While his friends and family are in a state of shock throughout the subsequent events, there is the need to fill his vacant seat on the council before a crucial vote to keep or redistrict the area’s government housing.  Rowling uses several characters from a variety of backgrounds to paint a picture of life in this town.  While most are typical middle class, there are also those in government housing like Krystal Weedon, whose lives are on the brink of becoming even more desperate, depending on how the upcoming vote goes.

I’m really not going to get into it further than that, there is simply too much to say and too many characters, and I don’t want to give a lot away.  I’ll be honest, I did cry even though I could see a lot of the terrible things coming from miles away.  It was a good book, but probably not one that I will read again anytime soon.  It was a little too sad for me right now.

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