Monday, December 31, 2012

Book 42: The Secret Life of a Boarding School Brat by Amy Gordon

This was another one that my mom picked up in the freebie bin.  She was annoyed by the bratty looking girl on the cover but was desperate to read something, and ended up enjoying the story.

Set in mid 1960’s New England at the Florence T. Pocket boarding school, Lydia Rice, a new pupil, is miserable.  Her parents have recently divorced and her beloved grandmother passed away, leaving her without someone to confide in.  She doesn’t get along with the teachers or students, and is on the brink of being thrown out of school.  When she starts to talk with Howie, the night watchman and a self-proclaimed silly wizard, she begins to learn more about the school and its history and enjoy her time there. 

This is a really short read, definitely meant for preteens.  It was pretty good for what it is, but given the recent improvement in young adult fiction this story can seem a little lacking.  Overall though, I think that this is a fun little book that many out of place preteens would enjoy.

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